Now That Your Ten Year Old Girl Is Of Marriageable Age | An Appraisal by Ayo Sogunro

Ayo Sogunro

Fighting the Good Fight
Mass hysteria is a wonderful thing to experience in a lifetime. That overwhelming sense of being a part of a larger emotion is one of the traits that particularize the human as a social animal. You will find it in prayer grounds, election rallies, football matches and popular protests. I have been a consistent partaker of that last category, considering myself a “barricade mounter” of sorts. However, sometimes, it is necessary to step back from the alluring hysteria and examine an issue with a dispassionately critical perspective, and maybe even—protest against the protests, not because the intentions are wrong, but because the direction is incorrect. The current problem and its attendant emotions is one of such incorrect directions.

The Hue and Cry
I have assumed that, at the time you are reading this, you are acquainted with the current social palaver manifesting in the form of…

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Will You Give Us Your Daughters? by @newnaija


Protest in India against child marriage

With emotions flaring and all eyes red from protracted weeping, Hajia Halimat let go off Sefia as the girl bride of a powerful ignorant and religiously bigoted politician packed her like a newly acquired luggage into his “merciless Benz” .

Sefia was a village belle. She had the traditional beauty, she was just twelve but very smart and more mature than her peers. Her curves and curvatures were distinct even in the flowing black gown she was wearing. The hijab covering her face did little to cover the beauty she was resonating. Her moves were majestic and most of the men in the village had already been using religious excuses to approach her parents for her hands in marriage.

Sefia’s father was a local farmer who was yet to balance his debt in the farmer’s cooperative society. He could not afford to send Sefia beyond primary school because in his…

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