Damilare Awe: Thoughts Of The Troubled



Thousands of innocent lives have been lost,
Obviously still not enough to cover the cost.
The reaper gets what he wants,
And if he doesn’t his image haunts.

The scum of the country are left to
cause trouble,
While we keep living
in an ignorant bubble.

Not wanting to believe the things we hear,
But when crime is up all we do is yell here and there.

We talk with all our strength and anger
but actions we never take,
Hoping one realizes all the words we spew are fake.

But life moves on…

Again the innocent shall suffer,
The rich will get richer,
But for the poor it just gets tougher.

Society is in shambles, we continue to go down hill,
But the truth shall be ignored,
Wiped from our mind with the ingestion of a distraction.

For how long will this go on?
For how long will the…

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By careerconcept

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